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We are pleased to announce that ARJANA by Blancheur has attained 2 registered Industrial Designs pursuant to section 22 of the Industrial Design Act 1996 (“the Act”).

The first of the two designs bearing registration no. MY 18-00269-0101 which novelty of the design resides in the shape and configuration of the face loop of ARJANA. 

Whereas the second design with the registration no. MY 18-00121-0101, the novelty resides in the shape and configuration of the overall telekung of ARJANA which is inclusive of the sleeves (with the exception to the face loop). 

The former has a priority date on 28.03.2018 and the latter on 09.02.2018.   

As the owner of the aforesaid registered industrial designs, HLIUEM Group Sdn. Bhd. shall have the exclusive right to make or import for sale or hire, or for use for the purpose of any trade or business, or to sell, hire or to offer or expose for sale or hire of ARJANA.  

This announcement serves as a public disclosure and that any person who infringes the rights conferred by the Act shall be deemed to have prior knowledge of the aforesaid registration.   

With this, we at BLANCHEUR ensure you that we will continue to achieve creative innovation in all our future creations.